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Exotic sports car rentals are available now at Rent a Ferrari. Contact us for availability and to reserve your exotic wheels.   Car Rental Generally, it is cheaper to hire a automobile on the weekend. However cars like SUVs and minivans are much dearer on a weekend. As a consequence if it is not mandatory for you to obtain a minivan or SUV for your trip, you are much better off booking a little or large car. The frequency of a vacation on a particular weekend can have a big result on the automobile rental rate for the weekend. You can however escape this by booking your desired automobile well before the specified weekend.   As a consequence it is beneficial for you to discover the policy of the company that you opt to lease from. This may lead to you being able to pick up the automobile a day earlier, say on a Thursday without any additional charges. However , if you pick up the automobile on a day not believed to be a part of the car rental deal for the weekend, you'll be charged extra for the day. Similarly, most vehicle rental corporations require that weekend car rentals be returned on the Monday, neglecting to do so could also result in extra charges. Even though weekend rates are typically the cheapest, they are also influenced by the sort of vehicle being desired and, whether a vacation will be occurring on a particular weekend.

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Las Vegas, NV
I never dreamed that I could actually drive a Ferrari until I found Rent a Car. These guys are professionals when it comes to renting a Ferrari. - Jim V. - Las Vegas, NV



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